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About Brandon Fouche


The birth of The Fouche Way actually took place many years ago, when I was very young. In a dangerous dare of adolescent boys, I was pushed into the yard of a trained K9 police dog. Because I was an intruder, and the dog had been taught to bite and protect, I was mauled. So deep and strong was the dog’s bite, it’s tooth broke off and became lodged in the bone of my leg. Little did I know, that physical connection would lead me to a far deeper connection than I ever could have imagined. Passed out from the pain, I was rushed to the hospital. The doctor told my mother I would most likely be afraid of dogs because of the attack, but when I was told the dog had been put down, I was devastated. I knew that dog was only protecting its territory and it affected me deeply. The burden of that dog’s life has stayed with me throughout mine.


As I grew up, I was continually drawn back to nature through animals: rats, snakes, gerbils, birds, turtles, even a monkey named Suzy at a pet store I worked at, who would teach me how to discipline dogs in a way they would understand. There were horses and wolves that came into my life from whom I learned amazing lessons about their minds, their strength, and how to be with them. In fact, it was when the wolves showed up that things began to change. I began putting the wolves with the dogs and saw that they were no different. I never tried to “train” or change their aggression, I just let them be. I was able to see deep into who they were and made a connection with them. That’s when the “science” of The Fouche Way began – doing things the way Nature worked.

While working with dogs I came to understand that aggression is simply the highest form of communication. If we are afraid to look at it and pretend it doesn’t exist, we will never truly understand our dogs. My work, The Fouche Way, is about taking us back to Nature. As humans, we have the tendency to blame the dog when bad behaviors arise and take ourselves out of the equation, but we had a part in it.

I want people to learn and understand The Fouche Way so that when we adopt dogs out of shelters or from rescues or find them on the streets, or however they come into our lives, we can keep them in our lives. We have to have the right information to be successful in doing so because traditional training methods aren’t doing that. Dogs are being confused because of improper communication and are ending up paying the price for it. We need to look to Nature – Nature knew what it was doing when it created it’s creatures. We have gone away from that and I want to bring us back. Nature had it right, and that’s the foundation of The Fouche Way.