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Have you ever found a dog you weren’t able to work with?

I have been doing aggression work for close to 30 years now, and I have not yet met a dog I could not work with. However, I have met many people who are not willing to do the work. The success of The Fouche Way depends upon the owner’s ability to follow through with what I’ve asked them to do and be diligent in staying in touch with me through the process.

How can a change occur in only one day? Explain the evaluation process.

My job in the evaluation is to move the dog quickly through the necessary steps to show the owners what their dog is capable of. For example, if the dog has dog aggression, I will put the dog with other dogs and video the ability of the dog to do that. I determine what kind of aggression the dog has, why it is acting out and what the dog needs to move forward to be successful in being with other dogs. I am able to “peel away the mask” and see who the dog really is. At the consultation, I give the owners the information I found in the evaluation and why the dog was having trouble. I also discuss the relationship between the owner and their dog, and what may need to change in order to help the dog. This is NOT training, this is about connecting with the dog’s mind, emotions and hormones and helping the owners understand how that works.

What if my dog gets hurt?

I always make sure that safety comes first by taking proper precautions, including things like having dogs muzzled. As I mentioned above, what I do is not training where dogs are being restricted on a leash which can create more stress. The dog WILL be put with other dogs and have physical contact with them. Although I am in control and decide what level the interactions can go to between the dogs, things can happen quickly. When you come to my facility you will sign a contract stating that if a fight does occur and there are any injuries, the owner will be responsible for their dog and I will be responsible for mine.

Is there a guarantee?

There are many factors involved in the process when people bring their dogs to me for aggression issues. First and foremost, we are dealing with an animal with an individual personality and temperament, as well as the owners. My job is to do the evaluation, show what the owner’s dog is capable of, and pass the information on to the owners to get those results. We then move forward together, via daily conversations, to make sure that what I have instructed is being implemented correctly and the owners are on board with the process. There is no way for me to guarantee that the owners will do what it takes and stay committed through the process. Therefore, it would be impossible to make a guarantee.

I was told you could help me with a phone consultation - how is that possible, don’t you need to see my dog?

Many situations within the home are a result of a problem within the hierarchy. Because of my years of experience in working with both dogs and people, I am able to help with these types of issues over the phone.