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If your dog is exhibiting aggressive behavior, there is hope.  At The Brandon Fouche Dog Rehabilitation Center I teach The Fouche Way, the philosophy I developed over many years of working directly with dogs, wolves, horses and other animals. I am not a dog trainer, I am a rehabilitator. What sets me apart from others is that I will never tell a dog to sit, to stay, to down or to heel. What I teach is about understanding how dogs think, how they process information and how we can communicate with them from the concept of Nature so they understand us. My expertise is in aggression, which I have been doing for close to 30 years. My clients come to me from all walks of life, with dogs that are exhibiting behaviors such as aggression towards other dogs, people or both. I evaluate the dog, how the people are living with it, give them the information they need, and take them through the rehabilitation process. Dogs that come to my place are helped by my pack of dogs in the evaluation and rehabilitation process. I call my crew “the miscreants” because each and every one of them was a “dead dog walking” – dogs that were going to be destroyed because of aggressive behaviors. They are now paying it forward by helping the dogs that come through my facility. If I could thank my dogs a thousand times a day for everything they have taught me, it would not be enough!

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We have a killing crisis going on in our animal shelters, and the numbers of animals being destroyed are staggering.  Our nation’s shelters are filled with dogs who are acting out with neurotic behaviors like excessive barking, lunging, and biting.  Aggression is one of the deadliest, most misunderstood behaviors in dogs, and the answer today, is often, to kill the animal.

I disagree.  Aggression is the highest form of communication, and we must begin to understand it.  The answer is in the why.  My goal is to share with everyone the information I have learned over the 30 years of working with aggressive dogs and to see our part in it.  Here at The Fouche Way, we are creating a show, "Brandon Speaks Dog", which will air in January on YouTube.  It has everything from profound insight to the comedy of daily dog shenanigans.  We need your help to develop this series and help millions of dogs and their owners around the world.  If you love dogs, your support might be the most effective, life-saving investment you'll ever make.  It's time we reach a new understanding so a deeper relationship with our dogs can begin.  Join us by clicking on the Donate button below!